Veg Out

Today marks one week of a pescatarian (mostly vegetarian) diet. I feel like a new person. My stomach hasn't given me any trouble (if you know anything about me, you know that's a big deal) and my overall mood has escalated. I've lost weight. My skin has cleared. I feel lighter mentally and physically. I am proud of what I'm doing for myself, the environment, and the animals. Did you know that the requirements for cattle to qualify as grass fed are only 6 weeks for grazing? After that, they're crammed back into cages and wait to die. I've watched as much footage as I could stomach and I refuse to subscribe to that kind of treatment. If you read, watch, or hear something that doesn't sit well with you, it's okay to make a change. It's okay to listen to your heart and do something about it. Right now, this is what works for me. I can't see myself going back, but I also can't possibly know how I'll feel in a year or five years or ten years; I will let my body decide if and when the time comes to adjust my lifestyle.